Collect information of users

EKytes Travel is passionate & highly dedicated toward customer’s privacy needs. For the same reason, customers can confidently rely upon us while sharing personal information. We always keep it safe with protective measures. All the information we collect is strictly for billing purposes and for processing the applications.

Utilization of information

Customers’ information basically works to enhance services. These details are only shared with those third parties which are directly/indirectly connected with the services that we offer. Any kind of sharing or misuse is not permissible.

Users’ approval is necessary

Customers explicitly agree to privacy policies of EKytes Travel. Personal details are also moved from one server to another for record maintenance. Data may also transfer from one state to another for extra safety.

Information Security

EKytes Travel executes best security measures for the property safety of your personal details. You essentially need to know that nobody gets unauthorized access to the secrets.

Online Process for Collection of Non-Personally-Identifiable Information
We utilize latest methods and cutting-edge technologies that help us to pull out Non-personally-Identifiable Information.

Process Includes:

Cookies: Cookies are temporary information that tracks your visit on the site. You can also change settings if you do not want any site to follow your footsteps.
Pixel Tags: Pixel Tags prove helpful in gatheing information about users’ navigation.

E-Mail Notifications & Newsletters

Also share your email details so that you can get notifications at right time.

Third Party Associations & Links

EKytes Travel is responsible for the information given on the website. We are not responsible for the third party information. We do not have any control on their portal.

Subject to Change

Policies could be changed without prior notice. EKytes Travel has full right to do the needful for improved services.