Due to perfect utilization of international standards, we offer best in class services to boast the No.1 places in travel industry. In addition, we take best care for individual needs. In pursuit of this goal, EKytes Travel also serves customers with well-configured Cancellation Policy. Just because of this facility, you can cancel the plans if some significant reasons are not allowing you to go outside.

Notification of delays and cancellations

EKytes Travel regularly provides updates and notifications about the flights and other important points so that passengers can prepare accordingly.

Getting Rebooked

Never get worried about anything when it comes to re-booking the flight tickets after cancellation. They will immediately perform the task for you without much questioning. You essentially need to know there are various terms and conditions to follow. Just check details before making the call.

Refund Policy

However, there is no chance for flight to get abandoned. In case, bad whether conditions do not allow to fly then you can ask for refund on your air-ticket. It is a hassle-free and free of cost process. You can also go for refunding if flight gets delayed for more than three hours.